Industrial, Storage and Plastic Tanks for sale

For more than 40 years, ACO is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of quality polyethylene, plastic storage tanks, and rotationally molded products.

Industrial plastic tanks for sale

Are you uncertain about which tank to choose?

Do you want to take advantage of personalized advice to ensure you select a tank that meets your needs? Consult a member of our team; we’ll be happy to help you choose the right model. This allows you to optimize your processes and avoid costly mistakes.

A wide range of products

At Aco Container Systems, we offer a large selection of high-quality industrial rotomoulded plastic products. In our catalogue, you’ll find tanks, containers and basins in a variety of sizes, shapes and volumes. We also carry valves, vents, fittings and lids.

Don’t see a tank in our catalogue that meets your specific requirements? Whether you need an intermediate bulk container or an horizontal tank, we can custom build a product tailored to your needs at a competitive rate. Contact our customer service department today.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

We want to ensure an optimal experience for our customers, so we leave nothing to chance. With ACO Container Systems, you can count on exceptionally high-quality products and courteous, personalized customer service.

Why choose plastic bulk storage containers?

Our tanks are made of either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or cross-linked, high-density polyethylene (XLHDPE). Both materials are known for being strong, durable, lightweight and reliable. They’re also UV-resistant, easy to clean and can withstand significant temperature fluctuations. Additionally, they’re more resistant to chemical corrosion than mild steel, stainless steel and fibreglass.

Types of tanks

We offer open and closed vertical tanks, secondary holding tanks, double-walled vertical tanks, industrial and chemical storage tanks, large liquid containers, custom tanks, horizontal tanks, tote containers, rounded flat-bottom tanks as well as transport tanks approved by Transport Canada and the United Nations.

Products you can store

It’s possible to store various liquids and dry substances in our plastic IBCs, tanks and totes. This includes oils, sauces, petroleum products, solvents, alcoholic beverages and more. At Aco Container Systems, we have plastic containers for every product, even those that are fragile or hazardous.

Possible applications

Our plastic tanks can be used in a variety of contexts, including transportation, handling, drainage, mixing, decanting and storing all types of products.

Industries we work with

Our clients include companies from numerous sectors and industries across Canada and the United States, including:

● Mining
● Pulp and paper
● Chemical processing
● Food production
● Water treatment
● And more

The standards we meet

At ACO Container Systems, we’re committed to adhering to the most stringent quality-control standards. To this end, we uphold a quality management system that’s fully compliant with ISO 9001 standards. Additionally, the HDPE plastic we use is FDA compliant and NSF 61 rated for use with potable water.