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Round Tanks

High-quality round utility tanks with flat bottom

Our round utility tanks with flat bottom features:

These Round Tanks are designed with a flat bottom and can be used for various custom applications. Their features are:

  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and low temperature impact
  • Durable one-piece seamless construction
  • UV stabilized for sunlight protection
  • Manufactured from HDPE or XHDPE/XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)
  • The HDPE resin complies with FDA and is listed NSF 61 for potable water applications
  • Fittings are not supplied on tanks unless requested
  • Supplied with a 5-1/2 threaded lid


utility tanks with flat bottom
utility tanks with flat bottom
utility tanks with flat bottom


Superior Construction and Material

Wide Range of Capacities and Specifications

Customization and Optional Accessories

  • ACO’s seamless, one-piece, flat bottom utility tanks are widely used for industrial storage purposes, particularly for storing dangerous, corrosive chemicals and other substances that may emit fumes or pose other kinds of dangers to workers’ health. Manufactured out of high-grade HDPE or XHDPE/XLPE polyethylene, our durable tanks are in fact, tough enough to resist chemical erosion even better than mild steel, stainless steel or FDP.

  • Our flat bottom utility tanks are ideal for above ground usage and perfectly suited for areas with limited vertical space, such as the bed of a pickup truck. 

  • These one-piece round utility tank with flat bottom are designed to offer a stable base without the need for additional support structures. They are an excellent option for storing liquids on flat surfaces where height restrictions may be a factor.

  • We offer a variety of sizes to suit various needs, and our flat bottom utility tanks are capable of storing liquids. From water to chemicals, you can count on our flat bottom utility tanks to provide reliable, sturdy storage in compact areas like the back of a pickup truck or similar confined spaces.

ACO's round utility tanks with flat bottom provide versatility and can be customized to meet specific requirements. We offer an extensive range of optional accessories, including various fittings and manway lids, to ensure compatibility with your specific needs. For more information and detailed specifications, please contact us.


Our round utility tanks with flat bottom LINE-UP

Model Imp. Gallons Litres Diameter Length Height Lid Size
ico_pdf RT-40 9 40 15" 18" 16" 5-1/2"
ico_pdf RT-100 22 100 20" 27" 18" 5-1/2"
ico_pdf RT-300 66 300 27" 37" 27" 5-1/2"
ico_pdf RT-500 110 500 30" 45" 32" 5-1/2"

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Importance of round utility Tanks with flat bottom:

These tanks are appreciated for their flat bottom design that provides them with stability on a variety of surfaces, including flat ground, without requiring additional support structures. Plus, their ability to withstand different climates and temperatures makes them ideal for many industrial environments.

For which Industries? 

  • Chemical Industry: These tanks are commonly used for chemical storage due to their corrosion resistance.

  • Agriculture: They are often used to store water, liquid fertilizers, and other fluids critical to agricultural operations.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: These tanks can be used for storing liquid food ingredients such as oils, wine, milk, etc. They are often made from materials approved by food safety agencies.

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment: Flat bottom tanks are also useful in water treatment facilities for the storage of water and chemicals used in the treatment process.

  • Oil and Gas Industry: These tanks are also used for storing oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and other petrochemicals.

  • Mining Industry: Due to their robustness, these tanks are often used for storing various fluids and chemicals in mining operations.

  • Detergents and Cleaning Agents Production: These tanks are used for storing the liquid ingredients used in manufacturing these products.

  • Packaging and Logistics Industries: For various uses, including the storage of inks and solvents.

About us:

ACO, a reputable company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been a trusted name in the polyethylene storage tank-making industry for over 45 years. Our products meet the rigorous standards of ISO 9001 Quality Control and are backed by a $5 million liability coverage. We distribute our range of plastic tanks throughout key locations in Canada and the USA, including the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Calgary, Alberta, and more.