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Tanks and containers for the chemical industry

Always efficient, always fast, Aco Container Systems offers a wide range of chemical tanks and containers of different sizes and capacities.
Since chemicals can pose a health and environmental hazard, it is important to choose one that is not only suitable for the material that will be stored in it, but also offers great durability and strength.

Our different types of chemical storage tanks

For chemical storage, we offer single or double walled closed top tanks. These tanks can be vertical with a flat bottom or with a conical bottom (to facilitate complete drainage). We also offer open top tanks, ideal for blending.

Double-walled tanks provide protection in the event of a leak from the main tank through the
secondary tank. Corrosive substances or substances that represent a risk to human health
or the environment are best stored in this type of storage tank. In fact, they are increasingly
required by various government authorities.


Alternatively, you can also consider adding a retention basin, which has the same functions
and is also resistant to corrosion, low temperatures, shock and UV rays.

Count on us to advise you on the best option for your needs and budget!


Compatibility between the tank and the stored chemical

Before choosing a storage tank for a chemical, you should obviously evaluate your needs in terms of size and capacity.

Another issue to evaluate is the compatibility between the tank material and the chemical (and its concentration) that it will contain. This will determine, among other things, the thickness of the tank walls required, as well as the materials used for the venting devices, pumps, valves, flow meters or other components of the tank. All of the components that make up your tank must be compatible with the product it is storing.

Incompatibility could lead to risk of failure, property damage, personal injury and product loss.

Our chemical storage tanks and containers are made of cross-linked polyethylene and are suitable for for most chemical products.

Cross-linked polyethylene tanks for optimal resistance

Our chemical storage tanks are made of cross-linked polyethylene (also called PEX or XLPE). Unlike linear polyethylene (HDPE), this one has been cross-linked to improve its resistance to heat, impact and chemicals. Since they are intertwined, its fibers do not degrade (or very little) in the presence of substances that could more easily alter linear polyethylene.

A sustainable and economical option

Our cross-linked polyethylene tanks guarantee quality and durability (20 years or more). They will last for years without any problem and cost much less than other materials, such as fiberglass.

Minimum maintenance

This type of tank requires very little maintenance and inspections for leaks and cracks.

A large choice of accessories

Covers, supports, fittings, etc. We offer a multitude of additional accessories for all your needs.

Easily transportable tanks

Our XLPE tanks are relatively light, so they are easy to maneuver and transport without fear of damage.

Tanks that meet your standards

All our tanks designed for the chemical industry meet ASTM International standards for safe use.
If, however, you need to comply with other standards, our quality control team will answer all your questions and find a solution that will suit your situation. Our flexibility is sure to accommodate you.

Satisfaction guaranteed with a customized service

All our tanks are fully customizable. With our extensive expertise in our field, we also manufacture custom parts and fittings to suit your specific needs.