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Secondary Containment Basins

High-quality secondary containment basins and tanks

Our secondary containment basins and tanks features:

These basins help satisfy environmental regulations for spill containment and protect the environment. They are very durable and impact resistant as they are molded from chemical and corrosion-resistant polyethylene.

Double Wall Storage Tank
Double Wall Tank DMT2205
Double Wall Tank DMT2205

Superior Construction and Material

Wide Range of Capacities and Specifications

  • Our seamless, one-piece secondary basins are constructed using high-grade HDPE or XHDPE/XLPE polyethylene.
  • These tanks exhibit exceptional resistance to chemical erosion, outperforming mild steel, stainless steel, or FD P alternatives. Manufactured to ASTM specifications, our secondary tanks are rugged, durable, and stabilized against damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.
  • They are also designed to withstand low-temperature impacts, making them suitable for cold storage areas.
  • ACO offers a wide selection of secondary containment basins and tanks with different capacities and specifications to cater to various liquid densities (specific gravities).

Our secondary basins and tanks LINE-UP

Model Imp. Gallons Litres Length Width Height Weight(LBS)
ico_pdf IRD- 40 40 180 31" 21" 18" 15
ico_pdf IRD- 90 90 430 46" 31" 21" 68
ico_pdf IRD- 165 165 750 59" 37" 28" 72
ico_pdf IRD- 185 185 800 69" 44" 25" 75
ico_pdf IRD- 310 310 1400 68" 68" 24" 85
ico_pdf IRD- 410 410 1800 69" 69" 30" 140
ico_pdf IRD- 800 800 3600 82" 70" 46" 160

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Importance of Secondary Basins and Tanks:

Secondary containment basins and tanks offer an optimal solution for storing corrosive, environmentally hazardous, and dangerous substances, mitigating potential risks to worker health, the environment, and public safety in case of spills. Since spilled substances are exposed to the air, regular cleaning and maintenance can be essential to ensure continued safety and environmental protection.


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ACO, a reputable company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been a trusted name in the polyethylene storage tank-making industry for over 35 years. Our products meet the rigorous standards of ISO 9001 Quality Control and are backed by a $5 million liability coverage. We distribute our range of plastic tanks throughout key locations in Canada and the USA, including the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Calgary, Alberta, and more.