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Custom Molding

Are you looking for a custom tank or molded part because there is no product on the market that meets your specific needs? ACO Containers and its sister company, Rotoplast Inc. can help.

We offer integrated services and solutions to support all our customers throughout the design, development and manufacturing process of tanks and parts.

High quality tanks and parts

Our custom molded tanks and parts are resistant to :

  • to shocks;
  • to the pressure;
  • to heat and cold;
  • to UV rays;
  • to the deformation.

2D and 3D drawings and product development

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we offer a turnkey service for HDPE plastic tanks designed using custom molding.

The design of a tank or a room starts with the analysis of the situation. This way, we can develop the equipment that meets all the criteria that are essential to you. We then proceed to the design of a 2D and 3D drawing, which describes and shows in detail the dimensions of each of its components.

Rapid Prototyping

Thanks to 3D printing , we can create prototypes of parts quickly and accurately.

Once the prototype is approved and tested, we can manufacture stable, high-performance molds that will allow the desired part(s) to be produced.

Complete assemblies from our castings

We are able to design complex molded parts, thanks to our expertise in mold making. We also carry out all the assemblies necessary for the proper functioning of your new equipment.

Packaging and transportation services 

For your convenience, we will pack your custom molded tanks or parts and ship them to you.

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