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Tanks and containers for the water treatment industry

Companies specializing in water treatment (to make it safe for consumption) or wastewater treatment (to return it to waterways in an environmentally safe manner) frequently need to store it.

We design and offer tanks of various sizes that can receive water contaminated with different chemicals or impurities as well as drinking water.

Industries requiring tanks for water treatment

In addition to municipalities, many industries must treat water to make it safe for human consumption or to return it to nature in compliance with government standards. Here are some of them:

  • chemical industry
  • oil industry
  • mining industry
  • pulp and paper industry
  • textile industry
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • electrical industry
  • aerospace industry
  • manufacturing industry

Some businesses and institutions also need to temporarily store their waste or contaminated water, such as restaurants, garages, beauty salons and hospitals.

A large part of our customers come from these industries.

Our different types of water storage tanks

Several models of water tanks and containers are available. First of all, there are the vertical closed ones. These are designed to mount a dosing pump on top (PTB series). 

Then there are the open vertical ones, which are used to mix products (including chemicals) with water.

As for the shape, they can be vertical with a flat bottom or conical (practical to drain the material completely).

We also have various complementary accessories that can facilitate your operations: covers, supports, fittings and many others.

Made of polyethylene

These tanks are made of high quality polyethylene (HDPE), which is NSF-61 compliant, making them suitable for use with drinking water.

Resistant and durable

Our industrial plastic tanks are recognized throughout North America for their quality and durability.

They are molded in one piece (without joints) and are resistant to corrosion, UV rays and low temperature impacts. 

They have a lifespan of 20 years or more.

Our tanks meet all Canadian and American standards

Our tanks can be used to store drinking water as well as wastewater and/or contaminated water legally in Canada and the United States. 

They comply with the ASTM 19428 standard.

They are ISO 9001 certified.

XLPE polyethylene: even more chemical resistance

While HDPE polyethylene is suitable for drinking water and wastewater storage, the addition of certain chemicals can contribute to its degradation. That's why we also offer a range of open and closed top tanks made from XLPE polyethylene. XLPE is ultra-resistant and durable. 

Contact us to take advantage of our expert advice on containers and tanks for drinking water and wastewater.

Custom made tanks

Although we offer a wide range of tanks of different capacities, we can also custom build yours if you have specific needs. We also manufacture custom parts and connections to offer you a complete turnkey product.

You will appreciate our transparency, our speed and our warm customer service. Learn more about our custom tanks.