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We produce industrial, specialty, and transportation tanks as well as material handling containers of various capacities. We have over 40 years of experience. Our tanks meet the ASTM-D-1998 standards and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Closed Top Tank

Closed Top Storage Tanks

Made of HDPE polyethylene, our industrial vertical tanks are suitable for a variety of uses, including those with chemicals and drinking water. They are robust and even more resistant to chemical erosion than mild steel, stainless steel or fibreglass tanks. They are molded in one piece and have no joints or welds. They are resistant to both UV rays and low temperature impact, making them the best choice for climates like Quebec and the United States. Various fittings and covers are available as options. NSF 61 listed and FDA compliant for potable water applications.
Contaitment Basins & tanks

Secondary Containment Basins

Avoid accidental spills and their environmental impact! Made of polyethylene, our secondary containment tanks make it easier for you to comply with regulations on the containment of spills of hazardous products and waste. They are resistant to UV light, chemicals, corrosion and low temperature impact. Like our tanks, they are constructed in one piece, so there are no seams or welds.
Open Top Plastic Tank

Open Top Storage Tanks

If you need access to the inside of your tanks, open vertical tanks are the way to go. Like the closed tanks, they are molded from a single piece of polyethylene plastic that is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, low-temperature impact and UV light. NSF 61 listed and FDA compliant for potable water applications.. These tanks can be used for mixing and blending different liquids and pastes: mixer stands, hinged lids and other accessories can be sold as options.

Protective Packaging

Our protective shrink wrap is easily installed to match our tanks and protects the exterior from scratches, marks, dust and other dirt, as well as the elements.

Poly Tanks, IBC Totes, Containers & Pallets manufacturer

ACO Container Systems – A Division of Rotoplast Inc.

ACO Containers is a Canadian manufacturer of globally recognized high-quality rotationally-molded tanks and products.

A division of Rotoplast Inc., ACO is a world-renowned North American manufacturers of high quality, polyethylene, rotationally-molded plastic and HDPE storage tanks.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, ACO produces a wide variety of plastic storage tanks, closed top tanks, containment basins, open top and double wall storage, chemical and industrial tanks, pallet tanks, transportation tanks, horizontal tanks, flat-bottomed round tanks, food hoppers and other specialty polyethylene products.

ACO storage tanks are used by various sectors such as the chemical processing industry, municipal water treatment plants, pulp and paper sector, and many other industrial groups across Canada and the USA.

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Where ACO stands out

In addition to the unsurpassed quality of our tanks, basins and related products, ACO Containers is also known for its ingenuity. We manufacture and customiszed our various lines of tanks (including IBCs) for the storage and transportation of chemicals (hazardous and non-hazardous) and different applications. You will be amazed at our great flexibility.

Our experienced sales team are quick to respond to your project and will design a tank to suit your needs in a timely manner. If you have an outdated tank that needs to be replaced quickly, we will also be happy to assist you.

Finally, you will undoubtedly appreciate our human-scale customer service provided by our available and attentive team. In a warm, reassuring and professional manner, we will rigorously follow up your small or large project with transparency and accountability.

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