Pallet Tanks

ACO offers a wide range of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and Tote tanks to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Plastic & Steel IBC Totes

Tuff IBC tote, UN approved

U.N. Approved PTC-TDA series
The industry standard for over 30 years. These IBCs are the most environmentally friendly reusable containers available today for Transport of Dangerous Goods. ACO’s proven design ensures complete drainage and maximum durability.

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Dangerous goods, fully enclosed, UN approved IBC tote

Fully Enclosed U.N. Approved PTC-TDA-FE series
These heavy duty units offer all the benefits of the PTC-TDA series above but with the added protection of full steel side panels on all four (4) sides. Ideal for harsh working environment.

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Stackeable, Low profile, Steel & Plastic IBC tote

Low Profile
ACO Pallet Tanks low profile design offers double stacking during transportation. Large 10" threaded opening designed for unique applications.

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135 gallons, small and narrow IBC tote

Narrow Profile
ACO Containers offers another first in the industry, the narrow profile Pallet Tank. Designed to be moved through narrow doorways (30").

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Double Tank
ACO Containers offered the first double tank design in the industry. Allows for two separate products in one shipment.

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Granular and Powder Applications
ACO Pallet Hoppers are designed for granular and powder applications. Sliding gate valves for fast and efficient discharge.

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Quick Discharge
ACO QD (QuickDischarge) Pallet Tanks are designed to ship viscous liquids and allow for quick and complete drainage.

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Usage Types are (but not exclusive) or Which Industries use this kind of tank:

  • Chemical industry
  • Storing water for emergency water systems
  • Pulp & paper

Liquids it can hold:

  • This is a tank designed for holding fluids temporarily. It is secondary tank to catch spills, overflow or leaks of fluid from a primary tank. Liquids vary from water to chemicals.