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Protective Packaging

Protective Shrink Wrap
Part # Tank Size for shrink wrap
SW-3100 0 – 3100 Liters
SW-5600 3101 – 5600 Liters
SW-15000 5601 – 15000 Liters
SW-28350 15000 – 28250 Liters (90” Dia.. 102” Dia)
SW-39600-102 15500 – 39600 Liters (120” Dia.)
SW-39600-142 19000 – 39600 Liters (142” Dia)
SW-40000 40000 Liters+ (142” Dia +)

Usage Types are (but not exclusive) or Which Industries use this kind of packaging:

  • All industries who want added protection during transport can select this option when purchasing our tanks

What kind of good or material it can protect?

It protects from dirt, debris, weather elements such as rain, sun wind during transport of various goods. It protects items from machinery to boats and products such as our various lines and sizes of plastic tanks.